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Variant Whitney
Corrupt Whitney
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Dog-morph
Locations and More
Occupation Farmer
Location(s) Whitney's Farm
Whitney is a female dog-morph who can at first be found by exploring the Lake. Each time you come across Whitney, she gives you a Canine Pepper. After three encounters Whitney's Farm can be found under the Places tab at Camp. Her farm is a haven from corruption. Demons can't seem to stay close for long, and the corrupted always seem weaker the few time's they've approached her farm. Whitney herself is pragmatic but moral: should you succumb to milking addiction, she calmly adds you to her herd, but exile you permanently from the farm if you rape Marble or transform Kelt into Kelly.
"My name's Whitney, and it's mighty fine I don't have to pitchfork you like most guests!"

Whitney can be corrupted along with her farm by a high level corrupt Champion (level 12 or more, with corruption ≥ 70, and owns 2+ corrupt followers).

Standard Interactions

  • Whitney will give the Champion a canine pepper every time she's encountered at the Lake.
  • If the Champion has unlocked the Farm under the Places tab, the option to talk to Whitney becomes available. Reduces Lust, and increases Intelligence with a cap at 40.
  • If the Champion is lactating heavily, she may randomly offer use of her farm to build a milking stall, the rights to sell the milk, and 250 gems for construction. In return she pays the Hero gems relative to the volume milked.
  • With the Farm unlocked, if the Champion chooses to explore, they may randomly meet and race Whitney. (Boosts Speed)

At various points of Hero progression Whitney can be approached and talked to about her life.


  • If the Champion has acquired the breast milker from the Demon Factory, Whitney will offer the use of her milking stall for free.
  • Whitney will also accept the cock milker and a Milk Cock option becomes available.
  • Fenoxo has stated that normal Whitney will never be sexable.

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