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Corruption of Champions is a game for ADULTS ONLY. Do not play if you're a minor!
Also, do not play if you have issues with strong sexual content,
furries or anthropomorphic characters, or any kinks or fetishes.
If you think the game has a certain fetish: It probably does.

You are about to step into Mareth, the world of Corruption of Champions. The original game, Corruption of Champions, is made by Fenoxo, the primary coder, & crew. The Revamp Mod was begun by Kitteh6660, who is the primary coder of the Mod, & another crew. Not only does the Mod have a presence on Fenoxo's blog, but Trello as well.

Despite the presence on Fenoxo's blog, the Revamp Mod is not supported by Fenoxo or other staff members that worked on the original game, short of Fenoxo releasing the source code for anyone interested in making a mod. As said, this mod is strictly overseen by Kitteh6660 and a good sized crew. You can contact the development crew on Fenoxo's forum. For the latest version of the mod check the sidebar.

This wiki has spoilers throughout. Some are subtle, rest are "take you by the hand and walk you through the game". Some are hidden by text-color, but the majority are not. Please travel with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.
Current Versions
CoC v1.0.2, Revamp Mod v1.4.13
Updated: 12 March, 2018
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