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Corrupt Whitney
Variant Whitney
Corrupt Whitney
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Dog-morph
Locations and More
Occupation Farmer
Location(s) Whitney's Farm
In order to corrupt Whitney the Champion must be Level 12 or more, have at least 70 corruption, and own at least 2 corrupt followers at their camp. It does not matter whether or not the Champion has been locked out of the Farm for breaking Kelt or raping Marble.

If these are true every couple of times the Champion approaches the Farm they will be given the option to begin corrupting it. Once the process is begun they are invested in the farm and there is no turning back.

Whitney is corrupted as a result of exposure to slaves you send to work on the Farm. In addition, followers sent to the farm boost its productivity, giving you gems. The following is a list of followers who can be enlisted to help the farm, either by being sent there or through some other method:

Only sending particularly corrupt followers, such as Vapula and Amily, will increase Whitney's corruption; the more are sent the faster it will go. She will need to be approached at various times in order for the transition to take place. Once she is fully corrupted she pledges herself entirely to the Champion. At this point they can choose to give her human features, and to make her either sexually submissive or dominant.

Corrupt Whitney

Corrupt Whitney does not change physically, but psychologically is very different. She can be approached about branding slaves with special tattooing gear, and will build a massage parlor for the Champion if provided with funds. Submissive Whitney can be given oral training, Dominant Whitney uses the Hero for her own pleasure inside her house.

Named NPCs
Named NPCs are NPCs which have some sort of unique interaction or significance to the game. They aren't just named by whatever their species name is.
Camp Companions
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* Ember's gender is dependant on what occurs during gestation period within Dragon's Egg.
** Nieve's gender is dependent on your choice, whether to build a snowman or snowwoman.
‡ Holiday/Yearly Event character.
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