General Information
Type Key Item
Usage Combat
Boosts Attack*
Locations Found
Drop From Kelt

Content Author: Unknown

The Bow is a gift from Kelt the second time the champion visits him. It can be used as a special attack against enemies. The more the champion trains with Kelt, the better their bow skill becomes.

Bow, when first gotten
"Here," Kelt says, tossing you a spare bow. "You can use this, for right now. We train colts on it... you know, before their balls drop. Should be just about right for your level. Keep it if you want." Despite his mocking description, the bow he gives you really is a decent weapon. You take it up and start towards the practice field, Kelt following behind.

In-Game Information


Use a bow to fire an arrow at your opponent.


  • Shoots an arrow at the opponent. If it hits, they take damage and have their Lust reduced by up to 20 points.
  • Costs 25 fatigue per hit, and can't be used if the champion doesn't have at least 25 fatigue available.
  • Accuracy is calculated with: (Speed / 10) + (Intelligence / 10) + (Bow Skill / 5) + 60
    • If the attack's accuracy is less than a random number picked from 0 to 101, then the attack misses and deals no damage.
    • The bow's accuracy and the random number are calculated independently for each attack.
  • Damage is calculated with: (20 + (Strength / 3) + (Bow Skill / 1.2) + (Speed / 3)) - (Enemy's Armor + rand(Enemy's Toughness))
    • "rand(Enemy's Toughness)" is a random number from 0 to (Enemy's Toughness - 1).
    • Fractions are rounded down to the nearest whole number before being applied.


  • The bow will always hit the Encapsulation Pod.
  • The bow will always miss or fail against the Worms, Isabella, or any enemy if the champion is Blinded. If Amily has been concentrating the previous turn, then she will automatically dodge the attack. Vala has a bonus 70% dodge chance.
  • Bow Skill maxes at 100, as shown on 'Stats' screen. Additional training with Kelt will show the stat above 100, but reset to 100 when the bow is used.
Key Items
Key Items are items worn outside of the inventory system and as such cannot be dropped, sold, and the like. They can only be used at the appropriate time or place.
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