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Aunt Nancy
Gender female
Species and Family
Species Drider
Locations and More
Occupation Bartender
Location(s) The Wet Bitch
(??:00 to 14:00)

Aunt Nancy is a pure-bred Drider who works as a bartender at The Wet Bitch in Tel'Adre

Aunt Nancy
You decide to talk with the bartender, and walk right up to the bar. She sees you coming, and folds her towel up with her first pair of hands, while putting the glass she was polishing away with the other.

Welcome to the Wet Bitch. My name’s Aunt Nancy, and I’ll be your server this morning.” She smiles. “Well, what’ll it be, friend?” the bartender asks, her voice rich and velvety rather than cute as she leans on the bar, giving you a good look at her cleavage. “Bit early in the day for the strong stuff, I reckon.

The Champion's first meeting with her will give them a choice of ordering a Strong or Light drink, both of which have different temporary modifiers to stats. Drinking Light drinks helps improve the relationship more by stimulating conversation. After an unknown number of meetings, at the end of her shift (14:00), she will offer to take the Hero back to her house for a 'massage', hinting that she has been sexually deprived since her late husband died a long time ago.

If the Champion accepts her offer, she will take them to her cobweb-filled house and let the Hero stumble onto a large web strung across the floor. Once they are stuck she begins to give them an erotic massage, which quickly moves onto sex. After two hours have passed, she lets the Champion go, hinting at dark times ahead for them. She begs them to stay in touch and come back soon. The options presented by Nancy when you talk to her afterwards include going back to her place again.

Aunt Nancy's Drinks

Light Drink:

  • Increases Toughness
  • Random effect to Intelligence (-1, 0, +1)
  • Increases HP
  • Increases Lust

Strong Drink:

  • Increases Toughness
  • Decreases Intelligence (1)
  • Increases Lust (5-7)
  • Other effects?

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